StemMax is an ideal name for forefront innovations in regenerative medicine using autologous adult stem cells.

It bestows those seeking futuristic biological assessments alongside integrated anti-aging and rejuvenative treatments to slow stop and even reverse the cellular aging process.

Personalized Guided Care for all our Patients.

Each of our patient is made to undergo a series of steps as a part of the procedure in order to receive the best possible aegis. These steps involve a consultation with one of our certified physicians followed by specific diagnostic laboratory tests along with a few other tests in order to identify as to how well the patient is aging, which further helps in laying down of a personalized anti-aging and rejuvenative treatment program.

Inshort, we perform a 360 degree check on everything prior to ay of our procedures. Since we are dedicatedly a trarget oriented people, we don't leave room for any doubts. Because in the end it all comes to the patient satisfaction and comfort.


Setting up a BENCHMARK!

StemMax has set a promising benchmark not just in the field of healthcare but has also been pivotal in developing safe protocols for stem cell harvesting and deployment for regenerative medicine.

With emphasis on contributing to human health enabling latest technologies and expanding global reach, StemMax has trained hundreds of physicians worldwide to indulge in the safe and effective use of bone marrow stem cells , PRP and Adipose derived stem cells. StemMax has successfully seek out ways to utilize adipose stem cells for regenerative applications for multiple sclerosis (MS) and has also expanded it’s branches into cosmetic stem cell procedures and regenerative medicine research for patients with chronic disease as well as certain degenerative disorders.