Anti Aging

Longevity 1 is ideally for the patients soliciting regenerative benefits of an integrative treatment to enhance cellular health. As with all of our cellular health programs, each of our patients begins their treatment with a consultation from our Certified Ant- Aging Physician. The consultation involves proper understanding as to what the patient is aiming for, the physician then recommends the patient to undergo a number of laboratory tests in order to help them analyze the patient’s biological age.

Once the physician has determined the patient’s current health as well as biological age, they will personalize their treatment program to specifically meet each of their needs. The treatment combines together the well known effects of AMSCs to rejuvenate or wake up a patient’s very own stem cells followed by three other longevity therapies, including O2 Cell Rejuvenation Therapy, IV Nutrient Cocktails and Personalized Nutraceutical Supplements.

4 Days/3 Nights Program - with Full Board Accommodation
Personlised Autologous Stem Cell Infusion
Consultation, Nursing Care and Follow-up Protocol
Blood Test Report Examination
Detoxification (IV) & Oxygen Therapy
Four weeks' worth of supplements
Complimentary Return Airport Transfers (To Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

Longevity 2

Longevity 2 mirrors the Longevity 1 program for those who have already received the first treatment. It is the same as longevity 1 the only thing that varies is the dosage of AMSCs (It is less).

Booster Treatments
Myers’ Cocktail Infusion
Vitamin C Multi-Mix Infusion
Cell Activation & Regeneration Infusion
Oxygen Infusion Therapy
Ozone Therapy
Ozone Blood Therapy
BHRT, Colon-Hydro-Therapy