Dr. Prabhu founded :

  • Anti ageing foundation,
  • Society of regenerative aesthetics and functional medicine
  • First Indian Regenerative Medicine Journal - JRAFM,
  • First exclusive Anti aging and stem cell focused Health magazine named “ME”

StemGenn so far has organised 6 international conferences and more than 10 CME’s and Symposiums in order to spread stem cell awareness amidst the masses.


The overall Objective behind organizing Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Conferences and CME’s is:

The study of regenerative medicine is capable of helping scientists and clinicians come up with early-intervention treatments for traumatic injuries or various degenerative diseases using the stem cells ability to regrow and repair, this property allows one’s body to stimulate it’s own repair mechanism in order to ensure healing

With the industry growing two folds each day, regenerative medicine has now expanded it’s roots to encompass the use of stem cells to serve other purposes such as modelling diseases and autologous transplants and to ensure seamless therapeutic delivery of functional molecules, It is also acting as an aid in the production of tissues and organs and is playing a significant role in immune function for tissue repair, and is also supporting the elevating sector of biomedical engineering in numerous ways.

Regenerative medicine is a dynamic field and is serving as a connecting link between introductory science and clinical medicine.


Some glimpses from our past events are:

12th May 2018 - 2nd International Regenerative Medicine Conclave- Chandigarh India -JIIMS Hotel, Chandigarh, India

The two day International Regenerative Medicine conclave under the aegis of Anti-Ageing Foundation, India unravelled the immense power of stem cells in making people become and look much younger than their biological age. A galaxy of eminent scientists from India and various parts of the world came to participate in the one of its kind of stem cell congress. A number of workshops in relevance to Regenerative, Aesthetic and Functional and Reproductive medicine were unveiled during the time of the conclave.


14th Nov’2017- International conference on Women Wellness on Anti ageing in collaboration with AAF Women Wellness Forum

The AAF Women Wellness Forum was formed as a global manifesto to exchange and share ideas and opportunity in women’s health and beauty. This conference was a platform where a group of medical and natural remedy practitioners came forward to exchange ideas and innovations. The major purpose of the conference was to throw light on sensitive issues faced by women throughout the world, and to increase the scope of change.

11th , 12th , 13th May’2017- 1st International Regenerative Medicine Conclave

Co Organising partner with the 9th world congress of preventive and regenerative medicine (WCPRM)- Chief guest (Nobel Laureate)


24th- 25th Nov’2016- StemConn 2016- Radisson Blu, New Delhi

3rd SCS Icon 2015 - India Habitat center, New Delhi India

11-12th June ’2015- 2nd SCS Icon ,India International Centre

And various other conferences and CME’s

Latest / Upcoming conference:

STEMCELL XPRESS’2018 an International Conference on Stem Cell, Anti Ageing and Regenerative Medicine, happening on the 24th November ‘2018 at Holiday Inn in New Delhi, India . It’s a 3 day long extravaganza from 23rd-25th November with workshop and training both aligned with the conference.

The substance of the conference is: Advances in Healthcare through Stem Cells and Anti Ageing and it also embraces on how these advances underpin the need for collaboration as well as cooperation of individuals from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.


It’s a collective forum where outstanding Speakers, Clinicians and Scientists belonging to different reigns such as Stem Cell Transplantation, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Metabolic Medicine, Cosmetic Gynecology, Cell based Aesthetics, Anti Ageing , OrthoBiologics and Therapeutic Cloning - from around the globe will be sharing their knowledge and words of wisdom.