Managing Director and Founder

Dr Prabhu Mishra, Managing Director and Founder StemMax, a leading firm providing Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapies that has set an undeniable revolution in the healthcare industry . His company StemMax has given an all new dimension to the ever growing healthcare industry by providing end-to-end solutions for regenerative conditions such as diabetes.

StemMax specializes in Stem Cell & Anti-aging treatments. Its operations include the development of proprietary cell therapy products as well as revenue-generating physician and patient-based regenerative medicine/cell therapy training services, cell collection and cell storage facilities and the operation of cell therapy clinics. StemMax’s current team comprises of 20 experts in which majority of them are doctors and PhD scientists. The team is also well guided by medical and scientific board comprising of world’s leading scientists and medical practitioners. They have a strong customer base and hold a good market presence globally. In a span of merely 3 years, StemMax has established its market presence with six centers all over India and is pretty much confident of attaining a huge addressable market space in the coming years with its latest therapy against fast spreading diseases such as Diabetes, Liver Diseases , Infertility , Orthopedics, Lifestyle and Autoimmune conditions.


Dr.Mishra has been awarded with a Doctoral degree and is trained in Biotechnology, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. He is the Founder President of Anti-Aging Foundation, Vice President of Indian Stem Cell Study Group and Ex-Secretary General of Stem Cell Society of India. Dr. Mishra has been a revolutionary in the field of healthcare, particularly in stem cell therapies and has presented his papers and case studies at globally acclaimed organizations and bodies like:

World Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Conference , Manchester

Loma Linda University, USA

Bioconclave, London

Fakih IVF, Abu Dhabi, to name a few.

Passion for continuous LEARNING and DISCOVERING

Dr. Mishra lays emphasis on the passion of learning and discovering something new each day and to serve his deeds, he has set up CosmoStem Institute of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine, under which a number of specialized doctors from all across the globe are given special training in stem cell and regenerative medicine.

He has so far organized six International conferences in regard to Stem Cell and has even started with the first ever Regenerative Medicine journal and Health magazine in the country. He was also the organizing secretary of 9th world congress of Preventive and Regenerative Medicine 2016 ,KIIT University. Dr. Mishra in literal terms is a 'Scientific Entrepreneur'. He has come a long way and wishes to take his journey farther and aims to serve as well as improve the healthcare industry in every which ways and this is why currently he is actively looking at raising funds for his upcoming startup and is in talk with a few potential investors.