Joint pain is a usual condition often witnessed by those who are aging faster than necessary. For a lot of people such a pain is the result of osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. Our treatment addresses the elementary causes of accelerated joint degradation, a sign of aging, by stimulating the patient’s own cells to transform into young yet again.



Osteoarthritis, arthritis and severe pain in joints such as back, hips, knees, shoulders and various other joints) is a result of inflammation amidst joints. These conditions result in wear and tear of the cartilage further resulting in its break down, leading to painful or stiff joints. Usually the cartilage in the joints is smooth allowing bones to glide smoothly past one another but what generally happens with passing time is that the cartilage looses its smoothness due to extensive wear and tear, developing rough sandpaper- like texture of the joint which further results in:

  • Decline in mobility
  • Elevating levels of pain
  • Improper sleeping pattern

Thankfully, we have certain treatment options that are effective and have given results


Osteoarthritis, arthritis and severe pain strike a greater number of women than men and are commonly found in individuals over the age 45. These conditions can be expedited by sports injuries or obesity and cause issues with your bones. Pain medication can be useful, however should just be utilized when completely essential as it can cause extra intricacies.

However, there are more decent options available before us now,



We at StemMax, while conducting Orthokraft use stem cells from your body to provide you with effective healing as well as treatment benefits. Stem cells are cells found within your own body; therefore the risk of immune rejection cancels out. We do not alter your natural cells in any way or add any form of drugs, enzymes or growth factors. Our technologically advanced patented process separates stem cells from adipose tissue removed from your body so the stem cells can stimulate their healing properties and can work towards repairing the damaged. With the help of this process we’re successfully able to yield a greater number of cells to carry out the treatment. With the assistance of some of the top physicians in the country, StemMax has strategically formulated and patented best practices, pathways and guidelines for every condition that we treat in order to provide best possible patient treatments as well as outcomes, such as:

  • Considerable relief from chronic pain
  • Significant reduction in pain and stiffness
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Elevated energy levels


The primary motive of your stem cells is to initiate repair, stimulate regenerative properties and further reduce inflammation of damaged tissue in case of injury, disease or any other health-related conditions. When your body has a limited reserve it tends to lose its ability to regenerate healthy cells and thus the recovery process limits in a various ways. Fortunately, we at StemMax follow considerable set of protocols and procedures that allow us deliver the highest volume of your stem cells to replenish and boost your body’s reserve. By helping your body to repair and regenerate cells and reduce inflammation, you increase your ability to recover from various existing inflammatory conditions.



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First Interaction

When you arrive at our centre for your treatment, you will be guided by our physician and will be given a briefing about the process .You can even get your queries resolved during this session with your physician.

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Local Anaesthesia & Harvesting Fat

Obtaining of bone marrow is a 30-minute, painless procedure. Our physician takes approximately two ounces of bone marrow from your iliac crest under the influence of a local anaesthetic.

body rejuvenation


Your cells are sent over to our FDA registered lab, where we isolate them using our advanced patented process. This process takes about 30 minutes.

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The physician then injects the processed cells into the area of interest (HERE: joint/disc)