Repokraft is a highly effective treatment for Infertility in both men and women. While performing Repokraft a cocktail of autologous Concentrated Plasma and activated cytokines and growth factor’s is prepared and injected into the patient. The freshly prepared PRP is capable of reconstructing the endometrial tissue in vivo further increasing the chances of fertility in a safe manner. It has various benefits, some of them include:

Reprokraft benefits may include:

  • Increase in the thickness of endometrium lining:
  • Increase in count of AMH
  • Sperm Count will increase
  • Sperm Mortality will improve
  • Uterine Vascularity will improve
  • Improvement of Libido conditions

Repokraft is focused for the treatment of many diseases resulting in infertility, such as:



Ovarian rejuvenation is performed to treat Poor Ovarian Reserve, it is a ray of hope for women who have witnessed early menopause. Ovarian rejuvenation brings an opportunity to turn back the fertility clock for such women all with the help of the dynamic PRP treatments. Stem Cells under a proper biological influence have the ability to transform itself into any type of cell in the human body including eggs. Researchers have conducted studies in mice and laid proven records that exhibit the presence of Stem Cells in the ovaries and their transformation into mature oocytes (egg cells).During studies, the presence of stem cells have also been shown in the ovary which makes us zoom into the possibility of transforming them into eggs under the influence of growth factors that are present in individuals’ own WBC’s (white blood cells) and Platelets which are injected into the ovary.

Ovarian rejuvenation is a two step procedure resulting in natural conceptions – pregnancies after the PRP treatment is completely done. During the first step your PRP is prepared - This is done by inserting a needle into your vein in order to obtain a certain amount blood from your body. Once the required amount of blood is obtained it is followed by Centrifugation during which the white blood cells and platelets are separated from the red blood cells and the serum. This entire procedure is performed in less than an hour. The second step of ovarian rejuvenation involves injecting the PRP into the ovaries. The most significant difference in our study and the technique described in the referenced case study is that we use a non-surgical approach while injecting the PRP into the ovaries. The process of injecting the PRP is guided under transvaginal ultrasound and is performed under sedation with an anaesthetic agent called Propofol.

The biggest advantage of this procedure is the possibility of achieving pregnancy with one’s own eggs, which wasn’t possible prior to this procedure. Since this is an innovative medical treatment, it must be understood that there is no confirmation, stated or implied, that pregnancy, either naturally, or as a result of any subsequent fertility procedure, will occur. This treatment is all about exploring the unexplored and giving a chance to every opportunity that knocks one’s door so that there’s no room for regrets. Also, the risks involved with this procedure are minimal.



To overcome this we have PRP Therapy for Uterine Lining Rejuvenation It is said to believe that an endometrium thickness of less than 7 mm is considered as thin endometrium and such a condition negatively impacts the IVF success rate, quoting that the pregnancy as unlikely in such a case.

However, if there’s an uncertainty that persists, there’s a solution to it too and here, the solution to this problem is Intrauterine Infusion of Platelet Rich Plasma., we’ve seen the bar rise in terms of affectivity of PRP therapy for thin endometrium lining during the studies and treatments conducted so far.

PRP therapy is a powerful weapon that helps in the rejuvenation of the uterine lining thus improving its ability to perform all the roles that it is supposed to facilitate. One of the major roles being improving the Implantation success rate and as per the diagnosis made so far, a good thick endometrium lining and an adequate endometrial receptivity are the two main factors influencing implantation success and leading into a successful pregnancy after the embryo transfer. We have results that highlight how a thin endometrium lining during IVF affects implantation and is the cause behind the failure of the embryo implantation after transfer. Hence, this is the reason why transfers are cancelled so frequently if the endometrium lining doesn’t achieve the required thickness.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) contains a group of activating platelets that prompts the action of cytokines and growth factors collectively- ensuing the regulation of cell migration, attachment, proliferation & differentiation, also promoting the accumulation of extracellular matrix within the cell. Thus, as per the theory, local infusion of PRP may enhance endometrial receptivity and implantation through naturally recurring stages.



Malekraft is a game changer for men, it is designed to deliver lasting improvements in male sexual performance, this fast, non-surgical procedure improves erectile enhancement, increases blood flow, enhances sensitivity and pleasure, and boosts sexual stamina–instantly and over time.


Azoospermia is a forlorn case of Male Infertility, during which there is absence of live or mature sperm cells in a man's sexual discharge aka ejaculate. Presence of a fluid ejaculate does not necessarily indicate the presence of sperm cells in it, the ejaculate may comprise of semen with other cells instead of sperm cells too, and this brings us to Azoospermia and its two sub categories-Obstructive Azoospermia and Non-Obstructive Azoospermia.

Obstructive Azoospermia: As the name suggests, this is a condition where there is an obstruction; due to which the sperm cells are unable to release into the ejaculate in spite of an active sperm production taking place in the body.

Non-obstructive Azoospermia: In case of non-obstructive Azoospermia, there is a problem with production and maturation of sperms and this is where the Stem cell therapy for Azoospermia comes into action, can be carried out in either of the two ways given below:

  • Systemic infusion Method where systemic infusion of stem cells is carried out via IV infusion.
  • Direct Injection Method where the processed stem cells harvested from the patient’s body are directly injected into the testicles.

However the success ratio for the second method is comparatively higher. The direct injection method has served more desirable results based on the observations derived so far.



Erectile Dysfunction is the condition when a man can't keep an erection firm enough for sexual dysfunction. This leads to impotency and may affect a patient psychologically. People between the age of 40 years to 70 years may experience this condition. However, it may happen at any age. Stem Cell Therapy is known to be highly successful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It can restore sufficient erectile function for spontaneous intercourse.

Stem cell and PRP therapy has fortunately come up with ways in order to fix the problem of infertility. The technique is referred to as REPOKRAFT. Stem cell therapy helps with enhancement and longevity of erection, penis size and sensitivity. It improves sensation with blood circulation to help achieve desired results.


For many men, even the thought of a having a low libido is a reason for fear and distress. Our Male libido enhancement program evaluates our patient’s cellular health to regulate whether there are underlying causes for low libido or what the possible reason might be. The analysis is followed by creating a personalized treatment to enhance sexual desires and functions.